Writing 101: Assignment 2, A Room with a view (or just a view)

Three floors to explore. I am afraid to wear my shoes inside, or let my 5 year old son wear his. My impetuous and eager husband is bounding up the short flight of stairs to the main floor. we’ve seen pictures of our home for the next week, but now we get to put together photos with the reality. We can figure out how things actually fit together.

Up the short, carpeted stairs, w see our first floor. It is furnished in a rustic-chic fashion that you would expect in a Montana ski condo. The kitchen is modern, we unload the ton of groceries that are far too many to consume in a week. There is a nice bottle of a red blend wine left on the marble counter top of the kitchen island that the owners left to welcome us to our respite home. The island serves double duty, it has a small sink to facilitate a bar. Now I have a home for the Jack Daniels bottle and ginger-ale I brought along.

The living room is lush and comfortable. A faux bear rug lays in front of a fireplace, two overstuffed couches with multiple blankets hold the promise of cozy nights in front of the fireplace. There is a sliding glass door here, it leads to a large wooden deck that surrounds the back and side of this floor. The largest round cedar table with many chairs and quick kitchen access is here as well. How many dinners will we be able to eat out here as a family? It seems impossibly large for “We Three” .

Ah, then there’s THAT VIEW. Below us a short hill of happy late summer wildflowers and fir trees fill the air with impossible scent and color. Our surroundings are mountains and valleys so that everywhere you turn, the view keeps getting better and more majestic. You have to look up! Technically, we are in a mountain basin during a ski resort’s “off season”. The late summer air is turning crisp and fun evenings in the outdoor hot tub are planned. The evening sun pours over the rear deck and into the living room. After six long months of living separate lives, we reunite under the setting sun.

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