Writing 101: Exercise 3. The 3 Most important songs in my life and what they mean to me

Song One: Bridge over Troubled Water by Simon and Garfunkel. I remember my parents listening to this when I was a kid. It had absolutely no meaning to me as a kid but as an adult…whoa. I think of it when I think of my children and secretly hope that it is played at somebody’s wedding. I feel as though those words could come out of my mouth with aim at my babies. I especially like the part where the lyric is “I will ease your mind”.

Song Two: Happy by Pharell. I wanted this song to play at my Las Vegas wedding. Unfortunately, my Spotify chose to go to commercial instead. It sums up the new direction I’ve taken in life, one that is a little more selfish and a lot happier. I know this song has had incredible commercial success, maybe because the message is so powerful and because so many need to have a reminder that life is pretty damn wonderful.

Song Three: Sara, by Jefferson Starship. I named my second daughter after this song. “Storms are brewing in your eyes” is very fitting for my volatile little sweetie. Although she is grown and married, my beautiful girl will always know that she is named after a song. And she will always have that.

Honorable mention goes to: Say you love me all around the world (Simply Red). Send me on my way (Rusted Root), Come rain or come shine (Billie Holiday).

Music plays such an important part in evoking memories. The Simply Red song reminds me of traveling Europe with my oldest two daughters, The Rusted Root song is all things Matilda from the soundtrack of the movie from the Roald Dahl book. That song and movie remind me of my youngest girl, Emma. (Or Emmatilda as we call her sometime). Billie Holliday and her lovely, unique voice reminds me of my grandparents (Marie and Mac) and the very romantic example they set for generations to desire. In their 70’s, they could be seen walking down the street holding hands or clearing the living room furniture to have a slow dance.

One response to “Writing 101: Exercise 3. The 3 Most important songs in my life and what they mean to me

  1. Beautiful song choices! And wonderful reasons why…


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