A dreaming writer’s notes to a dream reader

Hello friend,

I’ve seen your pins on Pinterest, and I’ve taken a little peek into your hopes and dreams. I’ve peered into the tiny house, quaint cottage and stately mansion where your aspirations reside, I’ve admired your color schemes and the sweet raindrop shower that inhabits your bathroom, the hand sewn quilt that covers the bed where you dream.

You and I have much in common. We share the same recipes to feed our families, to feed our friends, that feed our souls. Sometimes the food we share is paleo, vegan or a comfortable bowl of macaroni and cheese. I am especially fond of the chocolate and sweet dreams we share, on an ornate table set for royalty or on a checkered picnic blanket next to a lake, or a fireplace.

Through your eyes, I’ve traveled and I’ve seen many countries, cities, towns and backyards. You tell me which books talk to your soul, which music makes you sing out loud and you make me laugh out loud with countless memes of cats, or wine, or maybe a little risque humor about your husband, wife or children.

Even though we are neighbors, close friends, pen-pals or friends of friends of friends, I’ve shared the joy of planning your wedding, a dream Christmas, your next book. Together, we knit, paint, craft and teach little hands and little minds to do the same.

In 2015, we will work to take ideas from a desk-top screen, smart-phone or tablet and give them a nudge into reality. We all need to add a board on our pages called “I did that” because…we did. Let’s drag those dreams into our reality.

Come and check out hunnedo.com or our Pinterest Page of the same name. I’ll go first…follow me!

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