Today I don’t feel like doing anything

*disclaimer: I am not looking for sympathy, diagnosis or solution for my own lazy day*

In writing, so often the question is asked “What inspires you?”. This is not that kind of an article, and with an assignment on short form post for Blogging 101, this kind of post feels appropriate.

Yesterday, I got hit with the ultimate pajama day attitude. My son and I spent the day watching cartoons, discussing Minecraft, eating sandwiches and generally not working on any kind of to-do list, other than brushing our teeth and feeding the dog. I felt a little guilty for wasting one day of my finite days, but not guilty enough to do anything about it. I even enjoyed it, in spite of my guilt.

This leads to my question of the day:

What “uninspires” you? How do you know when to shut down? How do you decompress?


3 responses to “Today I don’t feel like doing anything

  1. Nothing wrong with the occasional PJ day. Especially when it involves quality time with your son.


  2. Get out a blanket, and put your feet up!


  3. I like the song and the whistling 🙂 Don’t feel like doing anything after a crazy hectic day/week.


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