A Moment in Time, Paleo Banana Pancakes with Harry, and Edina Monsoon is my Patronus.

My visit to the daily post handed me today’s blog idea..blogdea? (see what I did there?)10917956_10155182897670455_8203536126915666343_o

My mission, should I choose to accept, is to post the last picture I took and tell a story about it. I choose this mission and this blog will self-destruct in…

This is a photo of a morning in another well documented day in Harry’s life, he is my youngest child and his childhood has been constantly photographed, thanks to the IPhone. I took this photo for my pet project, hunnedo.com. I, (or should I say “we”?) are working on our latest Pinterest project featuring Paleo banana pancakes. You can find the pin right here.

The pancakes were not a pretty as in the pin, but things seldom are as they seem. I even went as far as using my Nutri-bullet to mix the ingredients to replicate the recipe accurately. As usual, my metaphor for trying something new for the first time is making the first pancake. And my first pancake was UGLY! But, like in my metaphor, the pancakes improved, with the result being a pretty tasty, somewhat rich tasting result that is Harry approved. This is something we will be trying again soon.

The hunnedo.com website is not live as of today, but you can see the Pinterest Board here:

And this, well, it’s just for fun…I am in an Absolutely Fabulous frame of mind…

2 responses to “A Moment in Time, Paleo Banana Pancakes with Harry, and Edina Monsoon is my Patronus.

  1. Finding My Inner Zen

    Yum! Sounds delicious. Will have to try it out sometimes; I love bananas!

    Liked by 1 person

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