Job Hunting I will go…

Why is it that I enjoy the interviewing process? It makes such little sense that in a time of uncertainty, that I’m finding the stress of meeting and exploring opportunities…invigorating!

Today, I got to tuck the beast (known as my hair) up into a neat twist, put on a suit, print up a resume and go to an open house. I won’t jinx myself and tell you the name of the business, but if they honor me by hiring me, I promise to shout it from the tallest Atlanta rooftop.

The business was furniture, but more than that. The business sold a lifestyle, a window into a dream. There were three floors of charming comfort that knows no era. I didn’t only imagine working there, I imagined the rooms as my home, my very lovely home. And in my lovely home, I am the most gracious of hostesses. I am a sucker for sunlight and the huge banks of windows that warmed some of the rooms warmed my heart with it. Everywhere where I looked, there were things to look at, and things to touch. So many, many textures to explore.

We interviewed in groups of five. Today, there were at least five groups. I can only guess yesterday was similar. Only two will be fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work here. Mathematically speaking, I have about a 2% chance of being hired. But that is a number guess. At no time did the interviewers or staff make me (or any of us, for that matter) feel unworthy of the opportunity.They were gracious hosts and hostesses in their windowed, textured, and warm home.

Today I interviewed for a job, but I gained something more. I gained a feeling of worthiness, that I could find a home among lovely things, lovely people and for a company that isn’t out to use up its people. The people who worked there are treated like assets and it shows in the way they made me, an interviewee, feel valuable.

Fingers crossed, maybe this is it. Maybe this will be the dime my life will turn on. If it isn’t, the afternoon and the experience weren’t wasted, I gained much more than a chance to turn in an application.


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  1. rainydayreflections

    I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. You can find the nomination here –
    I hope you will accept this nomination and help the blogging community unite.
    Smiles, Linda

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