Two Black Eyes and One Cement Headed Kid

My son needs a cuddle to fall asleep. Every night. We’ve taken the fine art of the “tuck in” to a whole new level. Eight o’clock. Target bedtime reached. Teeth brushed, Reading assignments done. With a six in the morning wake up looming, eight is our drop dead hour. Any later and I get to spend the next morning dragging him around like a rag doll. This is not an easy feat, since early mornings are not natural for me. Especially on the nights when I stay up too late reading my new favorite blogs and working on my pet projects.

Last night, things were looking promising. We enjoyed some Chik Fil A for a school fundraising night, his bath actually happened and he even got his hair washed. Little boys can be nasty little animals sometimes. “MaaaahhMeeeee…I need some cuddles”. I hold his growing six year old self, listening to his mouth breathing and wait until he is out. More often than not, my snore will join his and I will nod off only to wake in the wee hours cramping from folding my body to fit two bodies in a single bed. I treasure the sound of his sleep, knowing that these moments are fleeting.

Then it got chilly in the room. We both reached for the same blanket at the same time. His small head connected with the bridge of my nose and I heard a crunch and had the strange sensation that my front teeth were going to fall out. All of them at once. I cried out loudly, he thought I was kidding and laughed. The noises that came out of my mouth were almost foreign to me, was I actually wailing?

When I was a little girl, I remember jumping up to greet my father when he came home from work. My Dad was the strongest man in the world, with hands like meat hammers. My cement head connected with his nose from beneath. He gently set me down on the ground turned and punched a hole in the half wall next to him with his giant hands. His pain was so great that he punched a freaking wall. And now I know that particular pain of parenting.


Richard Franklin McGregor, the strongest man in the World

I’m pretty fortunate, the worst I’ve gotten out of this is a tender nose, a bit of a headache and the beginning of two black eyes. My nose is still straight and no walls have been punched. Have you ever watched the British Drama “Shameless”? There is a lot of head butting on that show. Characters just haul off and use their foreheads to deliver killing blows to others in the face, particularly in the nasal area. Today, I can say that I’m feeling a little Shameless.

4 responses to “Two Black Eyes and One Cement Headed Kid

  1. Wonderful! My dad was the world’s greatest too! A strong, fearless policeman yet the kindest, most tender father that would do anything for me. He had the most beautiful bluest eyes I have ever seen. I’ll see those eyes again when I meet him in heaven someday.


  2. This is really a lovely post. One day these written memories will be so precious to your son. Today it seems like a very authentic story bringing back memories of my child at about that age.


  3. I could almost feel your pain there. I was once hit in the face by a rounders ball, (small hard and made of leather) the pain was something else. I hope your eyes recover soon. There is no pain like parenting.


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