go go go goals!

I’ve just started in Blogging 201 as of today and our assignment is to set up some goals!

I consider myself to be a goal-driven person as an ideal. But please don’t ask me why I haven’t exercised for a few days! I like to put goals to paper and look at them and make myself accountable to take the necessary steps to achieve them. These days, I have more motivation to start getting things achieved.

As some of you may know, I have more than one blog, I am hosting the up and coming hunnedo.com, which is a Pinterest bucket list with my three daughters, so all of my goals will include this endeavor as well. Inventingreallife has been a great project for me, personally. I’ve enjoyed connecting with a wider audience since taking Blogging 101. This site will continue to be my outlet, my chance to let it all hang out.

With that being said, my goals for the next 30 days are:

1 To provide meaningful content for Inventingreallife two times per week, on Monday and Friday, with posts no later than 4:00pm EST

2. To take at least 30 minutes 5 days per week to interact with my audience and to virtually meet and develop relationships with other bloggers. This should be easy since I can replace the time spent on FaceBook in the past with more meaningful WordPress Reader time.

3. To do and document at least one Pinterest Project weeky for hunnedo.com and to publish at least weekly.

4 To drive traffic to both blogs from each other and through Pinterest. I would like to double my followers in each in 30 days.

And finally, this week, I want to add content to hunnedo.com so we may go live by next week. I have 5 documented projects that need to escape my brain and camera to free them into the World.

This should be extra tricky because I’ve just found myself a job. For my followers, I can tell you that it is NOT the job that I had applied for and wrote about in last week’s post. This is an entirely different entity, but an adventure never the less. But that is content I can use for Friday’s post.

2 responses to “go go go goals!

  1. Hi,Marti! Looking forward to hearing about the job.


  2. I spent my treadmill 59.59 time following you and listening to these youtube inspirations. Thank you https://wyswoods.wordpress.com

    Liked by 1 person

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