The time warp of ice days, sick children and husbands

Right this moment, I am sitting on my couch, across from me my two males (one man, one boy it would be unfair to call them both men or boys but neither is all man or boy). They are playing a racing game on X-box.

My little guy has been blowing chunks and sporting a fever for the last two days and then this morning? Video games and a craving for left over pizza are his needs and since he has been so pitiful for too many hours of fever reducer…

My big guy (the man-child), is still in the void of unemployment, he has been rendered unnecessary at the moment by the oil industry. Many men and families are in the same zone. Without the two weeks of non-stop freaking work followed by two weeks of scheduled relaxation and my Honey Do list, he is a bit lost. And by lost, I mean watching movies and playing video games in between spurts of job hunting online. He is inhabiting a temporary space in time of waiting…

He is a much better “waiter” than I am. I am bird-dogging the price of Brent Crude and setting up budgets.

Here’s the thing. Not a problem, just an observance. A thing.

North of Atlanta last night, Mother Nature decided to show off and make our world icy. Our trees are bowing  and breaking under the pressure of yesterday’s rain that froze to just about everything. We escaped the power outages that surround us, but we haven’t escaped the time warp that happens with ice in Atlanta.1010104_10153853958290455_1888853665_n

Small daily traditions like “bedtime” or dinner have been replaced by napping and grazing. We ignore alarms that tell us when its time to go to the bus stop. If I wake up in the wee hours of the morning, I just go with it and read something, write something or clean anything. If my son wants a cuddle in the afternoon, then nap time is on for us both. My little tribe and I are dressed for the day in variations of sweats, pajamas and warm socks. I’m certain we all could use showers.

I have yet to decide if the days are going by faster or not. I can’t tell if I’ve accomplished more or less. I’m unsure that my overly scheduled life was a good thing, nor can I be sure that this time warp is either. For now, I’m just going to go with it.


8 responses to “The time warp of ice days, sick children and husbands

  1. Sounds like a bonding and growing experience through what to some would be terrifying and stressful. I admire your strength to turn it into love.


  2. Thanks for the follow! I am sure I won’t mind you as a follower at all 🙂 In terms of Harry’s American Bar, are you speaking about Harry’s NYC or a different one?! I will have to make it there sometime. Also, I like your style of writing and hope you and your family are enjoying your lazy days.

    -Jess (


    • Thanks Jess! It was a pleasure reading your blog. I have to admit that I am a bit envious of the pursuit of such wonderful libation. Harry’s American is in Paris, you and is the birthplace of the Bloody Mary. Put that on your bucket list!


  3. Low oil prices benefit me greatly, so the trend of my life so far would indicate that it shall come roaring back hundred dollar barrels in no time. I’m so convinced that I have bought a few stock shares in oil companies…… Of course that leaves fate with a perplexing problem, I benefit whether the price stays low or goes up.

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    • Lawd Blunderdad, I know that low gas prices have been great for many people I know and love. But this girl is hoping for at least a happy medium because my man has got to get back to work! The oil thing is complex, and we are all addicted to oil, like it or not.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I hope he does get back to work soon 🙂 and at least when the prices do go back up, I can feel like a winner because I made a hundred dollars on my big stock trading adventure!


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