Three ayy ehm…

That’s when my wild pack of dogs decided that I needed to let them out. I had three of them sleeping downstairs, in what is know as the Dog Room and the no longer little puppy in my room.

Of course when the dog pee pee alert is sounded so early, I am unable to go back to sleep.

Hour one:

catch up on my WordPress Reader. That kept me busy until…breaking

Hour two and a half:

Mistakenly visited the HuffPost Website. Originally, I subscribed because I refuse to get all of my news from my husband’s source companion, Fox News. They have a tendency to beat a Talking Point senseless, or until anyone can reiterate it as an original fact.

In search of the other side of the coin, HuffPost subscription on.  I doubt that HuffPost is going to be picking up on my blog anytime soon. (or ever). As much as I dig their blogging love, I do not subscribe to the sensationalism and pot stirring that they use as well as Fox News does. The war between both networks and the blatant bid for our minds , opinions and ratings has alienated me.

Somewhere around 6 ayy ehm:

I Google meditation music. Because now I’m overly concerned about Bill O’Reillys War with Mother Jones, the Academy Award white wash and whether or not I should be believing the Fat Acceptance article or the 10 Ways I am Working Out wrong. I’ll spare my children the worries about sex over 50. I need to seek some thoughtless solace.

There are important things in the World going on that we need to be aware of, but it is very difficult to ascertain importance with all of this noise! So please media, stop bickering, you will not be allowed any real estate in my mind until you can, at least, be a little less obvious in your mind bending techniques. C’mon, give me some intelligence credibility. But until the media intelligencia adapts “A Clockwork Orange” technique to immobilize me in front of a screen for days at a time, I’m not buying any of it. Just the facts please.



  1. What a great post. I completely agree about the media.


  2. Same here. Unfortunatelly german media is becoming worse, too. They don’t even check their facts before going online. Quite a lot of excuse this and excuse that lately. But still better than Russia Today 😉


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