The famous Oscar Swag Bag, 21 of them delivered to the nominees who did not win. Oh, and one for the host too.  At one point Neil Patrick Harris quipped that the bag should include an escape car, you know, for when the Revolution begins?! Cause nothing is funnier than excess. Ask Marie Antoinette there Neil Patrick Harris.00558

Because in Hollywood, you know, they are just like us.  

If only there were $167,000 swag bags for second place, or third (fourth? fifth?) in real life. Although, I’m not sure that I’d want my son to get an expensive sex toy or condoms as his participation prize at the end of T-ball. But I’m pretty sure we could do something with the  9 day Tuscany trip though.

I think I need to have a talk with his coach. Screw the juice boxes and stickers.

Did you know that it also costs upward of $10,000 just to get your product into the bag? To flippin’ give away?

And taxes. The recipients need to pay taxes should they accept the swag.

Yeah, I know that the second place (and host) swag bags aren’t something that movie stars ask for. Curiosity is getting the best of me, because I’m curious to know the fate of these prizes. Do they suffer the same fate as the swag I got from the Health Insurance Fair last year? Because I’m still finding the band-aids and hand-sanitizer in my junk drawer. Imagine finding a $250 Afterglow Pulsewave mixed in with the extra pens and playing cards!

I get that there is some clout to be gained when your underarm deodorant finds its way into the pits of a celebrity. But I don’t see Meryl Streep doing commercials based on swag booty. She’s too busy cheering for Wage Equality for Women with Patricia Arquette (Huzzah!).

I guess my question is…

How is this a thing? Can anyone who isn’t in PR explain?

7 responses to “LET THEM EAT CAKE AND THE $167,000 SWAG BAG

  1. I once got a swag bag with a thumb drive, coolie, and a pen. I noticed you said, “Huzzah”. Might you be one who doth attendeths thine Renaissance Fests, ma’ Lady? Bhahaha. If not, I still give you points for using a Medieval “Woop Woop!”.

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  2. I’ve often thought the same thing. You never hear of an Oscar loser doing a commercial saying “last year when I lost the Oscar to what’s his name I was so happy because I got these luxurious condoms”.


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