Suburban Atlanta Living: A HarsH ReaLiTy Challenge

My daily life in my adopted hometown just outside of Atlanta. The area here has the unique name of Hog Mountain, which would be more aptly named Hog Hill.


Blondie and I start our morning

I’ve called myself Southern By Choice, but I’ve been assured by True, Born and Raised Southerners that it doesn’t work like that. I truly envy a drawl, to me it is music.

Here we have city, small towns, mountains, lakes and an ocean not too far away. We have all four seasons. Winter only seems to last a few weeks and it snows for a few days. I couldn’t choose a better home if I tried y’all.

Ice Storm

Crystal Trees downtown

Last week we had an ice storm. Growing up in the Midwest, this storm would be just another spring day. In Northern Georgia, schools were cancelled and many people stayed home. We built a fire in the fireplace and goofed off. No need to get out and shovel, all accumulation would be gone soon. The next morning, we had to run out to run errands in our Georgia fashionable pickup truck. There was a little bit of winter magic left over in the trees.

lake at dusk

Lake Lanier Islands at dusk

As predicted by our Southern groundhog, General Beauregard Lee, we should soon be shaking off our slight winter’s chill to enjoy my favorite time of the year: Lake Time.

Ass in the water, toes in the sand.

Plenty of friends to see and people to meet. I enjoy standing around talking to people while standing in waist deep water, probably possibly drinking a beer and listening to competing stereo speakers with different playlists. Last year the big lake song was “Turn down for What” that blared from the speakers announcing the arrival of a boat called the Tipsy IMG_0359Tiki. It was literally decked out to look like a Tiki Hut. That boat was a bit out of my realm, but it was fun to watch. I was more occupied watching my son play in the sand and water with whichever kid is his new best friend of the day. He is a growing up to be a good lake swimmer.

There are fireworks for every summer holiday and nights with a full moon. I’m sure that if I found a magic lamp on my intimate little Redneck Rivera beach, I’d wish for a pontoon boat. I could carry my own beer, choose to listen to my own Spotify and grill hot dogs on the deck.

The other rite of spring and summer is the commencement of my son’s T-ball season. He had his first scrimmage today and only the second practice. They don’t use IMG_0137the fields here around heavy rain because of damage to the wet grass. Although the games do go on in spite of rain, there is no practice if the temperature falls below 40º. Spring season starts off during chilly short days, but ends just as summer gets rolling.

T-ball is serious business around here with two games per week, as well as practice once or twice a week. My husband usually volunteers as “dugout Mom” which means he keeps the lineup straight when our team is at bat. This is no easy feat considering the players are five and six years old. Fortunately, they are easily bribed with Skittles. Occasionally, the players cry when they are thrown out at first, so dugout Mom has to jump in an comfort my son the crying player while controlling a dozen kids who are sugar buzzed on Skittles.

There are times when I’m driving around, that I am in wonder of my home. I will be driving out and about and the sheer beauty of Georgia catches me. I love a good vacation, I love to look about and explore new places, but I love to come through the hills and really look at the vista that surrounds me. Who would have ever guessed that a little piece of the divine would settle on a place called Hog Mountain.

12 responses to “Suburban Atlanta Living: A HarsH ReaLiTy Challenge

  1. How great! I’ve always wanted to visit Atlanta, and considering we have moved recently to north Alabama that dream is nearly obtainable. 😉


  2. Shop girl, let me know…we can go to the lake!


  3. The Atlanta we know is Peach Street. It was actually beautiful with atrocious traffic. Enjoy your mountain(hill).

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    • I love the city. Dislike the traffic. One of the best memories from last summer was taking my blondie boy down on Peachtree Street to watch the Dragoncon parade. It was crowded as all get out, but what a memory!

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  4. We had the same ice storm in nj, unfortunately nothing speed up here. I always hope it will though!


  5. Just read this piece- I love Atlanta! I visited there once with my former boyfriend and we stayed a few nights at his lakehouse on Lake Burton if that may be the lake you speak of. I am a big fan of the food and the mountains too. I will be back one day- you make it sound wonderful.




  6. Great post. Seems Georgia is a pretty nice place to live. 🙂
    Hope I’ll find the time to do a similar post.

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  7. If you haven’t been yet, you should go up to Helen. That’s one of my favorite parts of Georgia outside of Savannah. There’s a grist mill right outside the town where you can get fresh ground flower, grits, and other things ground from grains.

    I guess I should also welcome you to Georgia as well. Been on the south side of Atlanta for almost 15 years now.

    You’ll get used to the school closings and sheer panic at the mention of any frozen precipitation. That’s just what we do here. 🙂

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    • I didn’t know you were native when I read your blog! Oh I know Helen! My family moved here after a military tour of Germany and we were jonesing for schnitzel and beer. Now my daughter attends college near there. And I hear you about Savannah, that and Tybee are my summer vacation. Thanks for the comment and the welcome. Atlanta could be a bit prettier today for sure.


      • I’m originally from Alabama, but Henry County is home now. Germany is great. My family went there a few years ago on vacation for Oktoberfest.

        There used to be a place there called Hans that had good schnitzel. If you are looking for the authentic meats and don’t mind taking a day trip, look up Patak Meats in Austell. They’re great and have all kinds.

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