Dancing up and down Maslow’s Heirarchy of needs

Due to recent life changing events, I find myself pondering what it is like when you go from the lofty goal of self-actualization and find yourself mired in the lower levels of Maslow Heirarchy of Needs. An perceived ring of Dante’s Inferno. Fortunately, that is only as far down as I’ve gone.  


My problems of six months ago, I now consider First World Problems. Which bathing suit shall I wear on vacation? Does my son have the proper training equipment for t-ball? Do I need to switch up my dog food to something more healthful for my pup’s skin and itching? I was ready and willing to purchase an answer.

We’ve gone from buying organic to affordable. Missing my yoga class in favor of bird dogging Craigslist and teaching myself HTML.

Wait a minute. Am I even the same person who left a job because it wasn’t fulfilling enough to spend time away from my son? I was worried that I was gaining a little too much weight around my middle. I didn’t like to be seen in public without my signature glittery manicure. I squandered what I could have been saving on new suits and shoes.

These days, when I feel particularly pitiful and sorry for myself, I waste energy contemplating how it is that the people I see on television are so freaking wealthy when they appear to be no smarter than I. I drag myself down with perceived injustice, when the blame lies squarely with my own poor decisions. Why did I trade in my Chevy? Is having an I Phone and data plan really that necessary?

But there is nothing I can do about it, what’s in the past is there. In the past. Maybe I am a little more sympathtic because I am more aware of the people around me who aren’t as blessed as I am. To them I might look like a crazy rich lady. My buying affordable food may be a First World problem to someone who can buy none.

I have to wonder a little, if I didn’t, in some way, wish this “reset” upon myself. Was there some tiny, subconscious need to appreciate the things and people around me, the need to have a little more empathy for others?  Perhaps I did not appreciate all of the gifts that I’ve been given and still possess. Gifts like love, heath, laughter and my family. If that is the case, then perhaps I’ve been given a gift that I have yet to realize.

And in this World where life can change on a dime, I’m counting on this  tiny misfortune to pass as quickly as it came about. Bad things sometime happen, and if you don’t take away a lesson from it, then they are bound to happen again. And in a very strange way, I feel more self-actualized than when I sported my glitter polish.  When our inevitable turn around comes (and it will), I hope I will have learned my lesson, that it is okay to have wishes and dreams, but they’d better be more substantive than a pair of shoes.


9 responses to “Dancing up and down Maslow’s Heirarchy of needs

  1. Wow, You said some of the same stuff I have been thinking about myself lately. I quit my job three moths ago on some type of moral high ground and need to be fulfilled and happy rather than wallet filled and angry. And now I wonder to myself why did I spend the $80 on these lucky jeans rather than the $30 on the wranglers. What I could do with that $50 today? But like you, I know that my life is going to turn shortly and I hope that when it does I buy the wranglers not the Luckys.


  2. I can completely relate to this. You can go up and down this pyramid, depending on what life throws at you. The fact you are able to acknowledge the changes shows you are paying attention, which is a good thing, despite circumstances. Hang in there. This pyramid is following me. ..it turns up everywhere.

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  3. Be kind and patient with yourself. You and I think very similarly… maybe our age, too? Anyways, ride the wave sweet sister. What goes down, will come up. (and vice versa)


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  5. I really like this. I put a high character value on people who can look within and re-evaluate for the purpose of bettering their perspective. I find myself doing it often. It is what keeps me between boundaries of arrogance and self-loathing.

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