Awards! Thank you

For all my my wonderful new friends that have nominated Inventing Real Life for several different blogging awards:

I’l like to thank the Academy…

Thank you for noticing my little blog, I appreciate this blogging community and am very proud to be a member of it. Writing my blog is simple, reading your posts daily is a pleasure. There are so many interesting stories in this big wide world and I feel that I get to expand my universe daily.

With that being said, I am choosing to not participate in receiving awards at this point in my blogging adventure. I’m not opposed to awards, per se, but I would rather like to write the tedious stuff I already do. That stuff is in my head and I need to send it out into the universe, to you.

And I’m just too lazy to think up anymore questions.

DSCN7051I wish I could make up an award for everyone who has supported Inventing Real Life. I’d call it the Rockstar Award. I wouldn’t ask you any questions or have you make any up either and everyone would be nominated. Since this is an imaginary award, I’d award a million bucks too. And a big a** swag bag...


6 responses to “Awards! Thank you

  1. Do you have a spot ready on your shelf for all of these trophies? 😀

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  2. Sure, you can make up your own award. I did. I had a lot of fun with it, too – creating that silly award logo, figuring out to whom to award it, etc. Not that anyone really noticed, but it made me feel important for a day or so!

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