Comfort Food for my mind

Can you guess what I’m doing today?

It’s grey, overcast and generally bland outside. My youngest girl is on spring break from college and aside from this blog and general housework (pffffft) I’ve nothing going on until the bus comes by this afternoon bringing my little blonde hurricane boy. Girl time.

Movie time. I don’t watch them often, there isn’t much that interests me. I don’t like many violent movies (although the ones that I do love are extremely so. Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels). I don’t like movies where dogs, kids or moms die or get hurt (again, doesn’t count if you consider certaPRIDE ANND PREJUDICE (TV MINI SERIES 1994) Standing: ALISONin heist movies). This means we are watching something we’ve seen a million times. And I do mean a million. I apologize to my readers who might not be fans of the historical romance genre. This was our lazy introduction to reading Jane Austen.

Pride and Prejudice, the 1995 BBC miniseries. Our definitive favorite.

  • My Dad used to try and emulate Colin Firth’s Mr. Darcy when he looked at my Mom. He watched this version on the day he died. My Dad was a pretty smooth guy.
  • My daughter, Sara’s husband mistakenly used Mr. Darcy’s first proposal speech when he proposed to Sara. She married him anyway.
  • Sara has a cat named Collins, we had a cat named Wickham, whose kitten is Wicki.

My girls and I try to decide which of them is the Jane, Lizzy or Lydia either by birth order or behavior. Nobody wants to be Mary.  I’ve accepted my role as Mrs. Bennett, at least it’s fun. Now fetch me my smelling salts. And some popcorn.

What’s your comfort food movie? Your guilty cinema pleasure?


17 responses to “Comfort Food for my mind

  1. I hate to have read or seen any version of Pride or Prejudice. I must do so.


  2. I love ‘Pride and Prejudice’ too but my guilty comfort movie is ‘Grease’. I have seen it so many times, I enjoy all the songs and I LOVED Kenickie!

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  3. No waaay, I’m Mrs. Bennet : P


  4. My feel good movies are, “When Harry Met Sally”, “Kate and Leopold”, and “Someone Like You”. Plus some Chunky Monkey ice cream.
    Shine On

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  5. This is my all-time favorite version of P & P. I’ve seen it a few hundred times, and there are days I will watch my favorite parts just to pick up my mood. Note to self: next male cat will be named Wickham or Collins. lol
    Enjoy the day!


  6. I love that version of P & P. Its been a while since I saw it, must watch it again soon.

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  7. This is the only version to watch! Hmmm…it’s supposed to rain here this weekend…you may have just inspired me. 🙂

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