Hunnedo blues

As many of you may have heard, I’ve been goofing off with a side project, I am doing most of the work myself and using it as a learning experience. It is turning into a learning experience fueled by coffee and tutorials.

Hunnedo logo

I’ve monkeyed up the order of my menus and still trying to change the background color on a few pages. Contact page? It’s there, but it isn’t doing much of anything. I still have boatloads of content to write, as well as link it all together with a portfolio. The content will be easy once I get this little Monster right, I’ll have plenty of time to do projects once I free myself from learning basic CSS.

When I started this little project at Christmas time, I thought it would only be a few weeks until it went live. Okay, so maybe it’s been a few months.

The funny part of this is, I can find someone to help me with all of the answers, but I am enjoying doing it myself. Every little piece, every little puzzle I solve, feels like victory. So if you are a developer and you’re reading this…please (no disrespect), let me sort this one out. I have a ton of respect for what you do, a good developer can do in minutes what it has taken me months to sort out.

As of today, a rudimentary website is up. Please take a minute and look at it, if you will. I will happily take any criticism or critiques you can offer, but I am not looking for developer bids. Please leave any comments below!

And, of course, you can visit and join the pinterest page!

Thank you, my lovely blogging community!



10 responses to “Hunnedo blues

  1. I like the theme that you are using. and the bright colors. I didn’t see the different pages, but I am definitely not a pro! Your pinterest page is great.

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  2. Looks great ! Can’t wait to try some of your recipes. Will you be selling things, or is it just a DIY of goodies?
    Shine On

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  3. Also Love the name. Very creative.


  4. Love it, and so easy to navigate for a beginner! Looks professional, you are doing a fantastic and super job!

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  5. I checked out your page, I liked the layout. Very clear and concise.

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