My Day with HGTV

Oh my!

My husband is out and about for the afternoon, I get a break from B-movies, Fox News or any sport that is being broadcast. Normally, I like things quiet and I leave the television off. Today, however, I am feeling a bit antsy so I flipped on my companion channel HGTV (Home and Garden TV).

Now, I’m sitting at my kitchen table, trying to focus on blogging here and making the necessary changes to I can’t seem to keep my butt in my chair because, in between bouts of sedentary writing and developing, I’m cleaning out a pantry and laundry room! What the Hell!

While those chores are ones that need doing, I also need to keep up with my work and I have a hotel opening event to attend in just a few hours!

With a symphony comprised of open concept kitchens, granite or marble counter-tops and Love It or List It (and my screaming List It!), I set about taking multi-tasking to a whole new level. Thor, the Super Dog, is looking at me quizzically, and cleaning up the dry dog food that I accidentally dropped on the pantry floor. He is such a help!

What? That lady who is moving to Cypress has a monthly budget of $3500? Obviously, I need to bump up my income if I want to move to Cypress.

My husband is the first owner of our house. It is twenty years old and is a little worn. I’ve painted, I’ve sorted and thanks to my background noise, I’m ready to demolish a plant shelf and wall in my kitchen. Maybe not today though.


15 responses to “My Day with HGTV

  1. Enjoy your “me” day any way you want to!

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  2. I love HGTV and I love “Love it or List it” πŸ™‚

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  3. Oh hail no, you enjoy your day off lady!

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  4. Wow thats a busy day. Your “me” days sound similar to mine only I have to battle with the kids toys instead of a pantry. πŸ™‚

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  5. I have often wondered what these people do for a living to have the budgets that they do. I love watching those shows. An alone day sounds divine.

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  6. HGTV is so good for me to get motivated…or it used to be. I feel I see more real estate TV then actual DIY anymore.

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  7. I found your blog on Harsh Reality, but the link had a typo, so it didn’t work. But I’m so smrt that I figured it out, and here I am.

    Feel free to drop by:

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  8. Love HGTV and DIY. Men are more sedentary, that’s why more men have heart attacks…we can just sit and watch the show without having to multi-task in a short period of time. πŸ˜‰

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  9. Haha. I know how you feel. My wife finally went couponing without dragging me with her so I can relax at home and catch up on classes, writing, and (maybe) some video games. But I’ll probably just get sidetracked by random posts on WordPress… oh, wait…

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