Springing into work!

Things are looking up at Casa Mia!

Today I managed to land a position that I’d been hoping to grab. I’m not going to jinx it with too many details, but we will suffice to say that it is a sales management job as a vendor inside a big box store. Whew! That is a lot to say.

This happened about one hour after I finished up an interview with my Plan B employer. Originally, I put that interview off until later in the day in case I heard from my dream job first. About an hour after the conclusion of that meeting,Β I am the recipient of two job offers. I didn’t make any formal schedule with Plan B, but told them I would be by tomorrow to train (or to change my mind and quit a job I haven’t yet started).

Before I enjoy the spoils of working either job, I have to do my civic duty. That’s right folks, after being a registered voter for like 32 years, I’ve been called for jury duty. Talk about timing! Β Hopefully, I won’t be called to decide anyone else’s fate, I have enough trouble with my own, thank you.

Now to get my ducks in order because my husband is going to be on Mister Mom duties. That means my micro-managing self will be pre-cooking a week’s worth of meals, and learning to relax my expectations about clutter. Β Any Mister Moms who are reading this, advice would be both needed and appreciated.

The guy with the chainsaw? Yep, pretty close resemblance

I am still planning on keeping up with my blog, although I may scale it back to fewer days per week and keep plugging at hunnedo.com (my pet project, a work in transition that you should check out). I think I should have much more blogging material from working, or at least different blogging material.

Until next time!


18 responses to “Springing into work!

  1. Congratulations thats great news. I am so happy for you.


  2. I am glad you got a good job. Can hubby cook?

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  3. Congrats on getting your dream job! And well done, you had two to choose from! Good luck on your first day!

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  4. Congratulations it seems it is pouring good fortune for you

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  5. Congrats on the job!

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  6. Congratulations to you. How exciting for you,, I am looking forward to hearing the details later on when you have got things sorted. πŸ™‚

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  7. Congrats!! And good luck!!

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  8. Cut off too soon… Let us know how it goes for you!


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