Motown Sunday

Rainy Sunday of eating BLTs and enjoying a little Micheal. Time for my six year old Blondie to learn the classics.


5 responses to “Motown Sunday

  1. Not only do you have great taste in music but in sandwiches too! 🙂


  2. Bacon makes everything better!!!
    Don’t know if you saw it earlier this month, but PBS was running the Motown 25 special as their fundraiser. I had to explain the significance of that Jackson 5/Michael Jackson performance to her. It was hilarious seeing her try to do the moonwalk.

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  3. Well. If you’re going to I doctrinate a six year old on classics, you went to the right place. Motown is where every child should their education. I actually saw the PBS special Broaephus was taking about and I remember watching it live like it was yesterday. Michaels’s Billie Jean is still one of the best moments in television history.
    Start playing the Temps and Smokey Robinson, all the girl groups….My God, Motown is musical Mecca.

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