Tell me what it’s like to be 50

Lately, I’ve been reading articles about how to be a middle aged woman (assuming I live to 100). Technically, I fall at the tail end of the Baby Boom generation. You know… the extremely large group of people who are retired or getting ready to?! It seems that being a part of a huge demographic has it perks. Endless AARP invitations (with a free travel bag!), and adult children who are doing “rock, paper, scissors” to see who loses wins the “taking care of Mom lottery” and a whole lot of people aging right along side of you.

Today, I came across an article titled “Women Over 50 are Invisible? I Must Have Missed The Memo”. 

Oh… author Erica Jagger, you had me at:

Here’s an if-a-tree-falls-in-the-forest question: if society didn’t tell older women they were invisible, would older women still feel invisible?

That is a well written article that my 50 year old brain can grasp. I decided to peek at Jagger’s website. Empowering? Absolutely. But I really wasn’t a Cosmo kind of girl at 20, I don’t think that would change at 50. Erica Jagger’s website is beautiful, and is peppered with her own stories as well as those of others that really can be uplifting. However, I’m throwing the Prude card because I find the website, in it’s entirety, to be a bit over-sexualized. While sex is important, I can’t make the connection that female visibility is intertwined solely with one’s sexual identity.

As for my opinion about my perception of invisibility? This is why I call bullshit on invisibility:

My Grandma Marie was the most stunning and vivacious woman that God ever created, Woman with a capital “W”. She had both glamour and mischief in her beautiful twinkling eyes. She and my handsome Grandfather, Mac,  looked like movie stars as they walked together hand in hand. He would never call her invisible, he beamed in her presence. In her 70’s she commanded every room she’d walk in. Her hunger for life required your attention. I remember her charming my brother’s entire cosmetology with a wink and a blown kiss. To this day, my cousins and I try and emulate her. My cousins each sparkle with little radiant pieces of Marie and Mac’s gene pool.  They are gone now, but the impression they made will be around for a long time. Indelible, not invisible.


23 responses to “Tell me what it’s like to be 50

  1. 50 rocks! I saw the same article earlier. My wife was quite annoyed. (She is far from invisible) 🙂

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  2. I’m not a woman but I can tell you that turning 50 does not render you invisible….man or woman. Quite the opposite. Unfortunately, there does come a time when a segment of the senior population does become invisible to many people. And that’s sad.

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  3. Indelible not invisible. I love this and will do my best to become indelible.

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  4. Wonderfully written. I can picture grandma and grandpa’s elegance right now 🙂
    Women are amazing and should be appreciated regardless of age 😉 xo

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  5. This was a lovely post. I think we only become invisible if we allow ourselves to be. I was pretty shy (and invisible) when in my 20s so am determined not to be in my fifties! I don’t have long to go to find out!

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  6. I really wish I could help, but will only get there in about 20 years. I’ll send a note to my future self!

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  7. PS: Please don’t hate me.

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  9. “I don’t want to sound like a Hallmark card, but to be able to wake up each day with food and shelter, that alone is good. Forget aging and the fact that my butt is becoming a little more familiar with my knees than my tailbone. If you are six feet above ground it’s a good day. So, give me more!”
    Faith Hill

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  10. Your post reminded me of a function my husband and I attended. The speaker, my husbands’ uncle, referred to his wife as the “broad” next to him. It was used in admiration. She was more then a “broad”, a strong, dedicated, over 50 and he knew it exactly what the term meant. Love your posts and thank you for liking mine.

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  11. Oh – Fifties is the age of “Find your Voice” alright… I enjoyed your post!


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