If you don’t hear from me…We

I’m at jury duty! Timing being what timing is, my day to serve happens to coincide with my first day of work at Plan B. Since I never elaborated, Plan B is bartending. My shift starts this evening at 4, jury duty gets out at 5. I’ve notified my Plan B boss and he understands.

I have WiFi access in the jury pool room witch is good because otherwise I’d be sleeping, it is so quiet in here. I am attempting to read through posts in my Reader, but since this is a government network, many of your sites are blocked. You naughty monkeys!

So I am sitting in an enormous room with the world’s most uncomfortable and impractical chairs. Waiting and hoping that nobody will choose me to sit on a trial. I am not working Thursday and Friday, but Saturday begins working at one job or another or both indefinitely. Obviously I don’t want to spend my last days of freedom deciding someone else’s fate.

12 responses to “If you don’t hear from me…We

  1. Take notes about the people waiting there with you. That always makes a good post, and makes the day pass more quickly.

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  2. I hope the time goes quickly for you! 🙂

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  3. Give em the chair,whatever he crime the sentence is capitol punishment

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  4. Anything interesting happening at the courthouse? Even though you maybe aren’t supposed to talk about it 😉

    -Jess (www.bloodymarytour.org)


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