It’s 3:30 in the morning and I want a popsicle

I can’t sleep. I got out of bed this and headed for my living room, only to find a snoring little blond boy on the sofa. The Dog of Thunder followed me from his spot on the floor next to my bed to a new spot on the floor next to Blondie’s couch.

The rain outside is like the rain that you would hear on a soundtrack that one might buy to help with insomnia. The fan in the window has it’s own gentle hum that suggests a nap. Obviously, I’m not paying attention to those signs. I get to read posts in these early hours and eat the last popsicle in the house. Because sugar never interrupts sleep, right?


It is crazy to see how many of my WordPress friends are awake too. Some because of geography, others because of insomnia. The world is not a lonely place at this hour, and that gives me comfort. If I had any popsicles left, I would share.

27 responses to “It’s 3:30 in the morning and I want a popsicle

  1. It’s almost 1am on the west coast. I’d beat that most bloggers are insomniacs. Also, scientist have recently discovered that the computer screen, iPad, and iPhones screens cause insomnia. My advise is to turn off and tune out.
    Pleasant dreams.

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  2. I could go for a popsicle! A helicopter has been circling around my neighbourhood for the last hour. I’m too curious to know why, which is putting off sleep.

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  3. Not sure, but I like to jump to the conclusion that it’s a police helicopter and they’re looking for someone who’s on the run.

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  4. We had tornado warnings tonight, hale, and insane amounts of lightening! Sounds as if it cooled down by the time it made it your way. This preggo mama was all sorts of a mess tonight.

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  5. Sweet thing in life, sharing a Popsicle with a friend.

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  6. Just Plain Ol' Vic

    I always have a calculus book handy in the house. Start reading it and it’s a sure cure f………zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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  7. I haven’t had a popsicle in ages, but now I want one!
    I’d scheduled an early morning post here on WordPress, but I was up around 3:30 on Facebook posting The Cure videos.

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  8. It’s mean of you to eat all the popsicles. Do you have any ice cream?

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  9. However..still mean not to share the popsicles. 😉

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  10. Jonathan 3.141592

    What’s a popsicle?

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