Now I know why my Mom was so pissed…

…when we didn’t do our chores.

My Mom worked in the Emergency Room in a hospital outside of Detroit. She worked the standard hospital schedule. Seven in the morning until 3 in the afternoon, or three p.m. to eleven p.m.. She was that irritating lady who asked for your insurance and did all of the necessary evil paperwork to get sick and injured people back to see a doctor. After spending a day with delightful people yelling at and bleeding on her, she headed home sweet home.

My Granny and I were responsible for the household chores while Mom was at work. Granny cooked, I had the dishes and k.p.. After enduring a meal with four Hellions (my brothers and I having dinner contests involving not using our hands) my Granny deserved to not have to pick up another chore. Granny affectionately called us “the Devils from Hell”.

I wasn’t the best at cleaning the kitchen. I had other interests in mind. Listening to the radio, stealing and smoking cigarettes, general unspecified teen angst and getting out of chores. I hated to clean the kitchen.

Mom would come home and, whatever the hour, she would express her displeasure at my horrendous cleaning skills. I thought she was just being a bitch. My Granny gave me the nickname of “Ambitious”. I didn’t appreciate her sarcasm.

Still, it was better than my brother’s nickname of “Snake in the Grass”

Now that I am a grown up woman, I know the importance of a clean kitchen. It is both symbolic and hygienic. Why or when it became a perceived womanly art, I can’t answer. I have girlfriends who keep either an exceptionally tidy kitchen, and I know others whose dinner invitations are politely declined.  Truth of the matter? Yes, I judge. I know it’s not right, but I can’t help myself.

So, this grown woman now has a job that is keeping me away ten to twelve hours a day. And guess who is pissed when the kitchen sink is covered up in dirty dishes? Karma comes around and bites me in the ass, and deservedly so.

Sometimes, it’s little ways that we show our appreciation. I know that I show my family love when I cook and keep a clean house. When I have their favorite things waiting for them. It would have been such a small gesture on my part to have done as Mom would have if she didn’t have to work. Maybe Granny didn’t need to witness “No Fork Friday” .

The lesson that I learned is you can’t metaphorically beat people into showing their appreciation for you. Throwing things across a room is only momentary gratification, (oh so gratifying) and no one likes to do things for a bitch.  It has taken me many years to realize that I can be am a bitch.

Sometimes people show appreciation in different ways than me, I have to learn to see them.  And hire a maid.

SDRandCo (1)

disclaimer: not my kitchen. You can’t handle the truth

8 responses to “Now I know why my Mom was so pissed…

  1. Just Plain Ol' Vic

    I am kinda a neat freak in certain things. Kitchen always has to be cleaned and no dirty dishes but couldn’t care less about dusting! My OCD acts up in mysterious ways!

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  2. It is so disheartening when you have been out to work all day and no-one has bothered to clear up! I know I used to hate it when my mum nagged us when we were younger about tidying up. Like you say…What goes around, comes around!

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  3. Great post, Marti. I had chores as well growing up, and have come to understand the importance of them now. Beyond helping out, it develops a work ethic, sense of importance, and understanding of sacrifice for the home. BTW…I LOVE your Granny! Funny quotes and names for you guys. “Ambitious”…bhahahaha. I bet that one really riled you up. 🙂

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  4. I came over to visit your blog from Susie’s blogging party. I love this post! When my mom was unhappy with how we did our chores or how we behaved, she would make comments like, “When you grow up, your children will behave towards you exactly like you behave to me”: or “your chldren will clean exactly the way you clean now.” I think that was a threat to make me improve. I am happy to report either she was wrong or I was extremely fortunate. My own daughter behaved…and cleaned…much better than I ever did..

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  5. So very true! I’m a stickler for a clean kitchen but have always included dish duty on my four sons chore list…after they finished up and left the kitchen I quietly tidied it to my satisfaction and they always thought they’d done the BEST job in the world! Happy to say that the two who are now on their own can do their own cleaning up pretty darn well!

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