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Big “Do” ings

small bee hunnedo

I’ve been busy…really busy. While I’ve been busy taking on the vendor sales world, dabbling in waiting tables, and, as always, being Mommy; I’m still working on my internet project empire.

Okay, I’m not really working that much on the website.

Fortunately, my brilliant daughter Sara has stepped in using her super-power of web-design and innovation. Hunnedo.com has taken on a new look and feel. While many of the original elements remain, Sara has pushed it to the next level.

I am very pleased and excited to see this new trajectory, I hope you will too!


Suburban Atlanta Living: A HarsH ReaLiTy Challenge

My daily life in my adopted hometown just outside of Atlanta. The area here has the unique name of Hog Mountain, which would be more aptly named Hog Hill.


Blondie and I start our morning

I’ve called myself Southern By Choice, but I’ve been assured by True, Born and Raised Southerners that it doesn’t work like that. I truly envy a drawl, to me it is music. Continue reading

The time warp of ice days, sick children and husbands

Right this moment, I am sitting on my couch, across from me my two males (one man, one boy it would be unfair to call them both men or boys but neither is all man or boy). They are playing a racing game on X-box.

My little guy has been blowing chunks and sporting a fever for the last two days and then this morning? Video games and a craving for left over pizza are his needs and since he has been so pitiful for too many hours of fever reducer… Continue reading