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Two Black Eyes and One Cement Headed Kid

My son needs a cuddle to fall asleep. Every night. We’ve taken the fine art of the “tuck in” to a whole new level. Eight o’clock. Target bedtime reached. Teeth brushed, Reading assignments done. With a six in the morning wake up looming, eight is our drop dead hour. Any later and I get to spend the next morning dragging him around like a rag doll. This is not an easy feat, since early mornings are not natural for me. Especially on the nights when I stay up too late reading my new favorite blogs and working on my pet projects. Continue reading

Job Hunting I will go…

Why is it that I enjoy the interviewing process? It makes such little sense that in a time of uncertainty, that I’m finding the stress of meeting and exploring opportunities…invigorating!

Today, I got to tuck the beast (known as my hair) up into a neat twist, put on a suit, print up a resume and go to an open house. I won’t jinx myself and tell you the name of the business, but if they honor me by hiring me, I promise to shout it from the tallest Atlanta rooftop. Continue reading

and then the thought occurred to me…

If you read my layoff notice post yesterday, you know that I’ve got a little something going on. But today, it suddenly dawned on me that, while on the surface, this seems to be a setback, it may very well be the jolt to get me out of my comfort zone. It may be the beginning of something big and wonderful that I’ve wished for but forgot. Continue reading

Angry and I know it. Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle with it, damn it.

A couple of days ago, I began writing a post dealing with women and anger. On how many of us deny it or don’t succumb to it’s temptation, how it is unladylike, unproductive and leaves us in a state of regret. And I’m not sure who is to blame, or that blame should even be an issue. Can anything good, anything productive come from that state of feeling?

Yesterday, it happened. Continue reading

I love Chalene Johnson and PiYo, no…wait…do I?

First of all, if you know me, you know that I do not have an athletic build. Like not at all. A very long time ago, I was a soldier and required to be in decent physical condition, when I got finished with my commitment to Uncle Sam, I swore that I would not do push-ups or run unless Uncle SamĀ happened to be chasing me with a big knife. Continue reading

A Moment in Time, Paleo Banana Pancakes with Harry, and Edina Monsoon is my Patronus.

My visit to the daily post handed me today’s blog idea..blogdea? (see what I did there?)10917956_10155182897670455_8203536126915666343_o

My mission, should I choose to accept, is to post the last picture I took and tell a story about it. I choose this mission and this blog will self-destruct in…

This is a photo of a morning in another well documented day in Harry’s life, he is my youngest child and his childhood has been constantly photographed, thanks to the IPhone. I took this photo for my pet project, hunnedo.com. I, (or should I say “we”?) are working on our latest Pinterest project featuring Paleo banana pancakes. You can find the pin right here. Continue reading

Award: the Sisterhood of the World Blogger’s Award

Many thanks to thatfreespiritedblog.wordpress.com who took the time to notice my little words and nominate this blog. I don’t know what the origin of the Sisterhood of the World Blogger’s Award is, but I think it’s pretty cool to be nominated. I think it’s especially neat, because this honor is coming from a young woman who has some serious presence of her own mind. Watch out, she is a forceful voice of her generation. You can find her here:

https://thatfreespiritedblog.wordpress.com/2015/01/17/sisterhood-of-the-world-bloggers-award/ Continue reading