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Big “Do” ings

small bee hunnedo

I’ve been busy…really busy. While I’ve been busy taking on the vendor sales world, dabbling in waiting tables, and, as always, being Mommy; I’m still working on my internet project empire.

Okay, I’m not really working that much on the website.

Fortunately, my brilliant daughter Sara has stepped in using her super-power of web-design and innovation. Hunnedo.com has taken on a new look and feel. While many of the original elements remain, Sara has pushed it to the next level.

I am very pleased and excited to see this new trajectory, I hope you will too!


Another Walk in the Park

Sunny Sunday outside of Atlanta was the kind of gorgeous day that makes you believe that spring is possible.Blue sky with mild temperatures and a few white fluffy clouds. It seemed that all of the neighbors that surround us were raking, mowing, digging and blowing. While I admire this activity, I am never one to follow the crowd. Continue reading

Dancing up and down Maslow’s Heirarchy of needs

Due to recent life changing events, I find myself pondering what it is like when you go from the lofty goal of self-actualization and find yourself mired in the lower levels of Maslow Heirarchy of Needs. An perceived ring of Dante’s Inferno. Fortunately, that is only as far down as I’ve gone.   Continue reading

The time warp of ice days, sick children and husbands

Right this moment, I am sitting on my couch, across from me my two males (one man, one boy it would be unfair to call them both men or boys but neither is all man or boy). They are playing a racing game on X-box.

My little guy has been blowing chunks and sporting a fever for the last two days and then this morning? Video games and a craving for left over pizza are his needs and since he has been so pitiful for too many hours of fever reducer… Continue reading

Fearless Moms, Doubts and a Beautiful Disaster

I love stumbling and tripping through the Blogosphere, hearing different voices and meeting new friends while drinking coffee in my yoga pants in the comfort of my own office. Some of my stumbles have been challenging, some were as comfortable as sock monkey slippers on a tile floor.

During a Blogging 101 challenge to meet my neighbors, I wandered into the perfect combination of challenge and monkey slippers. I found sock monkey roller skates in the form of A Beautiful Disaster:

Continue reading

A dreaming writer’s notes to a dream reader

Hello friend,

I’ve seen your pins on Pinterest, and I’ve taken a little peek into your hopes and dreams. I’ve peered into the tiny house, quaint cottage and stately mansion where your aspirations reside, I’ve admired your color schemes and the sweet raindrop shower that inhabits your bathroom, the hand sewn quilt that covers the bed where you dream. Continue reading