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An Idea: National Take Your Mother To Work Day

For a couple of days, I’ve been fortunate and had some free time to hang out with my #2 daughter, Sara. She works from home as a project manager developing websites for all sorts of individuals and companies. Not only does she design websites, she is also a talented graphic designer who offers some companies services involving logos and branding. Continue reading


Oh, the hunt for a job.

It’s some thankless, unpaid business. Online applications, changing my resume, and trying to figure out just what it is I’m supposed to be doing with my adult life. Again. Honestly, it was wearing me down just a little.

Then my phone rang. Continue reading

Earth, Wind and Fire Friday

Why? It is not Throwback Thursday! I’m sharing this because this band makes me happy. I was lucky enough to see them open for Barry White a lifetime ago and they were easily the best show ever.

Yep, it’s an All Skate! So lace up and go!

And this reminder is brought to you courtesy of Robin Sharma

How did he know I have chipped into the rough?

Today, I got an e-mail from robinsharma.com. I idolize this guy  teacher and have subscribed to his e-mail service for quite a while now. Today I was e-mailed some inspirational quotes, along with the wisdom I receive on a regular basis. You know, the wisdom for when things are going well? But not today, my friends, he had a different message that was a heat seeking missile for me.

“to the untrained eye, these are “Bad times”. But to the leader and warrior-these are life’s richest times of growth, opportunity and possibility.”

Dude, that’s the stuff in the body of the e-mail.

I’m only going to share one quote with you because it is from one of my favorite authors (how does Robin Sharma know?).

“When you come out of the storm, you won’t be the same person who walked in. That’s what this storm’s all about.” – Haruki Murakami

Oh yeah, he quoted Murakami.

You can find the whole article here. If you are having a bad day, check it out. I’m leaving today’s post short because, you know, I’ve got warrior and leader things to do!

The time warp of ice days, sick children and husbands

Right this moment, I am sitting on my couch, across from me my two males (one man, one boy it would be unfair to call them both men or boys but neither is all man or boy). They are playing a racing game on X-box.

My little guy has been blowing chunks and sporting a fever for the last two days and then this morning? Video games and a craving for left over pizza are his needs and since he has been so pitiful for too many hours of fever reducer… Continue reading

Dreams that no longer fit inside a box. Am I wrong?

Am I wrong for thinking out the box from where I stay?
Am I wrong for saying that I choose another way?

I ain’t tryna do what everybody else doing
Just cause everybody doing what they all do
If one thing I know, I’ll fall but I’ll grow
I’m walking down this road of mine, this road that I call home

Writer(s): William Wiik Larsen

Performers: Nico and Vinz

A little more than six months ago, I went to work, I got paid.

But I’m asking for more from life than the mediocrity that I’ve allowed. I have big dreams, big goals. Bigger than a numb mind and modest salary allows.

I want a zero hour work week. I want my work to be joy, no longer work. Shift the paradigm, shake up the Status Quo. I’m done with being marginalized. I’m done listening to a culture that would put me in a box that I don’t fit into.

Am I wrong?

go go go goals!

I’ve just started in Blogging 201 as of today and our assignment is to set up some goals!

I consider myself to be a goal-driven person as an ideal. But please don’t ask me why I haven’t exercised for a few days! I like to put goals to paper and look at them and make myself accountable to take the necessary steps to achieve them. These days, I have more motivation to start getting things achieved.

As some of you may know, I have more than one blog, I am hosting the up and coming hunnedo.com, which is a Pinterest bucket list with my three daughters, so all of my goals will include this endeavor as well. Inventingreallife has been a great project for me, personally. I’ve enjoyed connecting with a wider audience since taking Blogging 101. This site will continue to be my outlet, my chance to let it all hang out. Continue reading