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Big “Do” ings

small bee hunnedo

I’ve been busy…really busy. While I’ve been busy taking on the vendor sales world, dabbling in waiting tables, and, as always, being Mommy; I’m still working on my internet project empire.

Okay, I’m not really working that much on the website.

Fortunately, my brilliant daughter Sara has stepped in using her super-power of web-design and innovation. has taken on a new look and feel. While many of the original elements remain, Sara has pushed it to the next level.

I am very pleased and excited to see this new trajectory, I hope you will too!


Motown Sunday

Rainy Sunday of eating BLTs and enjoying a little Micheal. Time for my six year old Blondie to learn the classics.

Saturday Night’s Funky All Skate

After a long, tough day of festivals, and Southern BBQ, beer and some of the best company. I’m going to throw out one of my favorites before calling it a day.

Manilow? No Man I love!

Kitsch! oh yeah…So guess who I get to go see in June?